How To Revamp Your Skin With Cooked Rice Water

How To Revamp Your Skin With Cooked Rice Water

I can see your eye balls roll when you read this title

Yes rice water,  especially that sticky water (without salt please) that you pour away when boiling rice can actually work wonders on your skin.

This is a staple natural skincare secret which is very common with the Japanese women for centuries,  no wonder their skin always look beautiful and always has such radiant glow.

The thing is

Rice actually has healing properties especially our ofada rice is fantastic and has the ability to change the texture and feel of a dull and very tired skin like magic.

When used tropically by applying that stick water directly or adding it to your bathing water,

The secret is here..

What it does is improve the collagen production of the skin, and I am sure you read about what collagen does to your skin in one of my recent posts.

Rice also contains anti oxidants that your skin needs to slow down the aging process on the skin.

Some of the end result of applying Rice water to your skin are – serves as a natural toner to help reduce acne breakout, gradually tightens your large pores, keeps wrinkles away, smoothens out your skin, brightens and gives your skin a healthy glow.

Knowing how to and being consistent with this cheap but effective skincare secret is important and worth the effort believe me

You can simply strain the rice water after boiling, allow to cool, pour into an air tight container and store in the refrigerator.

 Use at least twice weekly for best results

You can also twerk it a little for added advantage by adding milk and a pinch of turmeric powder,  mix properly,  apply, leave on the skin to dry and rinse out with clean water.

I am sure with this post,  you now know that your rice water should from now be put to good use on instead of wasting it.

P. S Please strain the rice water you need for skincare before adding salt to your rice while cooking.

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