How To Get Mom-To -Be-Glow During Pregnancy

How To Get Mom-To -Be-Glow During Pregnancy

If you have been looking for how to get mom-to-be-glow during pregnancy, this post is all about that and more.

It is a known fact that many changes takes place during pregnancy and your skin is not exempted from the list of body organ that receives a greater percentage of this blow

This is due to what is known as unavoidable hormone surge with symptoms such as moles, patches, dark circles, freckles, acne breakout, itchy Tommy, eczema, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation all over the body and the list goes on and on

Although a few percentage of women hardly experience any of these, in fact I have a few friends who their skin actually becomes more beautiful with no symptoms of hormonal surge unlike many of us do, how lucky they are right!

It is important to note that your skin suffers and fail to recover on time when you decide to stay totally away from your natural skincare products that will help you to minimize these conditions

Yes, I agree many women can’t seems to tolerate using cosmetics products for one reason or the other, especially for offensive fragrance present in these productS

Here Are My Suggestions

The good news is, you can opt for plain or odorless skincare products that wont irritate your sense of smell during the duration of your pregnancy so that your skin won’t suffer too much

Also, ensure to double up on the right moisturizer for your skin type as this will reduce the occurrence of stretch marks or other stressor on your skin during your pregnancy period

Be careful and keep an eye on skincare ingredients that wont only affect you, but can cause health issues for your unborn babies. this can be achieved by taking time to read through the list of ingredients on the containers

Don’t be too selfish about your outlook and ignore the possible damages that harmful chemicals in cosmetics can cause for your child. Be wise and make healthy choices please


Waiting till after the delivery of your baby to start running from pillar to post look for 3 days fast action products that will resolve your issues is not the best thing and can land you in bigger mess.

A little effort here and there with the help and advice of your skin therapist will be just fine for you during anti natal and post natal periods.

Yes you can do it, with determination and a little self discipline though

What are your most difficult challenges you had with your skin during pregnancy, share with me in the comment section

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